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The Blogger Excuse

The Blogger Excuse. Do you know what I’m referring to? You do, don’t you? I think everyone with a niche topic blog is probably guilty of this at some point or another.

blogger excuse

So, what is “The Blogger Excuse”? The blogger excuse is using your blog as an excuse to indulge. Many of us have blogs on topics that we’re passionate and interested in. We can use the blog as an excuse to indulge ourselves and purchase something that we wouldn’t otherwise get if we were blogless – all in the name of content. It’s often a costless and actually fairly pointless activity but we justify it with “oh, but I can blog about it” when in actual fact, we could wait for other reviews which inevitably are written on new releases, wait for 3 for 2 deals and other offers for a product we don’t REALLY need.

So. You have a blog, you follow all of your favourite related brands and their PRs, follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, their own newsletters, the whole lot. You hear of a new product release and you can not wait to get your hands on it… to review on your blog. Not because you need another x/y/z product in your life, but because you fancy it and your blog is the perfect excuse. It’s okay, right? So, you spend a fortune on products that you probably don’t need but they’ve just come out and of course, you’re not alone in this, because as you upload your post, you realise… in come hundreds of posts on the exact same product to the bloggosphere.


I ask you this. What makes your blog, your post unique? What makes it stand out above all of the other posts of identical nature and often, identical format. (Big, popular blogger does x with their blog, many follow suit because it’s what a successful person does/has?) What makes The Blogger Excuse actually worth it? IS it actually worth it? Or could you actually refrain, save money and create more unique content?

What do you think? Are you guilty of using the Blogger Excuse? I know I sure have been.

6 thoughts on “The Blogger Excuse

  1. I don’t know where to start improving my blog. I started mine bc I want to help people realise addiction was ok. I haven’t started on my we stories yet… but would be grateful for any advice please?


    1. Just keep writing. I’m not the best person to offer advice really. There is always space in the bloggerverse for another narrative – another point of view. To co tribute your part, you have to keep writing. Good luck.

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  2. This is such a good, thought-provoking post. If I’m honest, my blog is full of content that contains beauty products. But these were products I had before I even considered posting about them. I didn’t blog for a long time so when I came back those products were conviniently available to me. ☺️ I understand it’s not always that easy for new starters though because it’s all too tempting to follow the crowd to try and gain traffic. But it’s always better to post about what you’re passionate about and products you feel need to be spoken about instead of want everyone else is speaking about

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    1. Well said! I started my old blog with stuff I had, but it meant photos of dirty and battered products, Vs all these pretty bright and white photos of pristine products. I felt like I was doing it wrong. I was still passionate, passionate about new releases and trying and testing products, but it was literally just for the sake of it. Such a waste! I parted with SO many beauty products recently that I hadnt even touched since trying them and reviewing them on my old blog. D:


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