If you clicked this page, I guess you want to know a little bit more, huh. People do the weirdest stuff.

Well, my name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz.. or almost anything else you like, so long as it’s nice! I’m 27 years old, born October 9th and I live in Staffordshire in England. I’m 5’5″ tall (or short?) and goodness knows how wide. I’m pale, love bright things, have combination skin, am addicted to Lush, cat lover, book worm, gamer, occasional illustrator, rambler and a bunch of other stuff.

This blog will give you a glimpse in to my life and loves. Eek. Although it’s sort of turned in to a book blog these days. I hope you enjoy and will stick around! If you want to contact me, I can be reached at lizzumsbb{at}gmail{dot}com. LizzumsBB is also my username on both twitter and instagram if you wish to reach me there! x

Last updated 31/10/2018